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Accessing Internet from cloud VM when you have only private network enabled

We have a couple of virtual servers hosted with Softlayer for processing data and backup purpose. The public interface is completely turned off i.e. no Internet access. We can only access VMs using a VPN. It resulted in decreased costs and many security problems for backend servers. However, when you order “Private Network Only” cloud […]

Why port 80 (HTTP) reported as open by nmap when it is closed?

I recently setup a small server which is running Debian 9. The purpose of this machine is to run OpenVPN server on port 443 to bypass censorship. It runs the following services and nothing else: Squid on private IP belongs to VPN pool ( SSH on private IP belongs to VPN pool ( DNS resolver […]

We’ve all been there when it comes to sysadmin or programming jobs :(

Yup, sad but truth: I no longer care. I just wanna go home and sleep And we have “Wisdom of the Ancients” too from XKCD It is even worst when poster was…. YOU in 2003. You may like these articles: Why port 80 (HTTP) reported as open by nmap when it is closed? How to […]

For some weird reason, I can not get my OpenVPN server to come up at boot time using systemd on an Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS server. I have tried a few settings but failed so far. So I twitted about it: Dear Systemd, AT LEAST TELL ME WHAT THE FUCKING ERROR IS!!!#linux #sysadmin #systemd #ubuntu […]

How to paste password easily when pasting into password input fields disabled on Google Chrome

I use the gpass password manager to store my randomly generated unique password for each site. However, many sites such as net banking prevent you from pasting a password when signing up. The site owner or webmaster disables pasting into password input fields. Want to paste your password on such site? Give it a try […]

When you delete a line of code that you thought was useless…

Or when you run rm -rf / on Linux or Unix-like system 😉 rm-rf Another gif showing the same issue: Delete a block of code Now, I am hitting u, u, u in vim to undo (ctrl-z in other IDE) like a maniac to get back that line or a code block. Lmao. You may […]