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Three things you can use a VPS for besides hosting a website

Whether you have a power-hungry business website, blog network or an e-commerce platform, chances are you will opt for a Virtual Private Server. Why? Because it will let you enjoy a large degree of flexibility and resource scalability, at a reasonable cost. VPS is an ideal solution for hosting a large variety of websites and […]

How well can your website handle seasonal spikes?

That is a question you should always have in mind as you create a website that represents your online business. Particularly if you own an ecommerce website, one of your top priorities should be to prepare it for seasonal / holiday spikes. You don’t want it crashing during the busiest and of course most profitable […]

A few tips on preparing a website for growth

It’s wonderful thing to be able to transform your business vision into reality and actually profit from it. Yet this sort of achievement is only reached through huge amounts of work. Any respectable business nowadays is only complete once it has built a strong online presence. A website represents your business’ unique identify and helps […]

Why is VPS better than shared hosting

Why is VPS better than shared hosting

For those who are having their businesses highly dependent on websites would know the wide array of web hosting avenues they can venture, with an attractive set of packages weighing the cost and storage resources. Most basic needs are fulfilled by shared hosting solutions, which come at a cheaper price compared to others like Virtual Private Storage (VPS) and dedicated hosting. Having said that, you would also appreciate the fact that someday soon, your business is going to grow big and reach out to many more customers. With great business, comes greater data. And you would need more than a shared hosting to store and manage all of that.

Test Website’s Mobile Friendliness with  Google my site Tool

The year 2016 made history when mobile Internet use surpassed desktop for the first time ever. It should be abundantly clear that responsive web design cannot be ignored. But just because you create a responsive layout doesn’t mean the user experience will be great. You always need to consider usability on different devices and total […]