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How to Force Apache To Show a HTTP-410 Gone Status Code

The simplest configuration is to add the following line in .htaccess file using mod_alias Redirect directive. Cd to your DocumentRoot such as /var/www/html/:
$ cd /var/www/html/
$ vi .htaccess
Append the following line:
Redirect gone /foo/file.html
Redirect 410 /foo/bar/demo.php
You can also use of regular expressions using RedirectMatch directive as follows:

why website not perform as well in Google results

i foud one of my website not perform in google results today, it’s just ok yestoday. so i login google webmaster , google send me email, google Search Console Sneaky mobile redirects detected on http://www.feetbig.com/ To: Webmaster of http://www.feetbig.com/, Google has detected sneaky redirects for mobile users on your site. This means that mobile users […]