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7 Awesome Open Source Build Automation Tools For Sysadmin/DevOps/Developers

Build automation is a vital tool for devops, sysadmins, and developers. It is nothing but scripting or automating the process of compiling source code into binary. Sysadmins can use build tools to manage and update config files. Following is a list of awesome open source and popular tools associated with automating build processes on Linux […]

You can dump Linux or Unix server memory. This is useful for forensics analysis, and testing your own system. This is often desirable to see: What code and what data actually resides in memory. You can search for specific pids memory. Search memory for string and other data such as passwords. Works as add-on tool […]

A domain name bulk search tool DomainMegaBot

DomainMegaBot A domain name bulk search bot with support of over 200 top-level domains. Usage: This script is written in C. It’s been successfully compiled on several Linux distributions, but it’s not meant to work in Windows environments. Simply run: gcc -o DomainMegaBot DomainMegaBot.c ./DomainMegaBot Domain extentions database file TLD_DATA should be put in same […]

Test Website’s Mobile Friendliness with  Google my site Tool

The year 2016 made history when mobile Internet use surpassed desktop for the first time ever. It should be abundantly clear that responsive web design cannot be ignored. But just because you create a responsive layout doesn’t mean the user experience will be great. You always need to consider usability on different devices and total […]