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8 Tips to Solve Linux & Unix Systems Hard Disk Problems: Like Disk Full Or Can’t Write to the Disk

Can’t write to the hard disk on a Linux or Unix-like systems? Want to diagnose corrupt disk issues on a server? Want to find out why you are getting “disk full” messages on screen? Want to learn how to solve full/corrupt and failed disk issues. Try these eight tips to diagnose a Linux and Unix […]

#tips# Keep Your Bitcoins more Safe

One of the biggest digital assets, Bitcoin, has its own list of stories of thefts and breaches. With its value shooting up to $2900+ this year, it’s very obvious why everyone including cyber criminals show interest in Bitcoin. Either by asking BTCs in ransomware attacks or looting your wallets, hackers try their very best to get bitcoins. For example, last […]

A few tips on preparing a website for growth

It’s wonderful thing to be able to transform your business vision into reality and actually profit from it. Yet this sort of achievement is only reached through huge amounts of work. Any respectable business nowadays is only complete once it has built a strong online presence. A website represents your business’ unique identify and helps […]

#How to# Find your WiFi password in Windows

If you come across a situation when you want to share your WiFi with a guest but you’ve forgotten the password and it’s only saved on your computer ? or perhaps you’ve got a new device and want to connect it to all the WiFi networks that are saved on your computer. In both scenarios, […]

5 Essential Tips for Securing Your WordPress Sites

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform today. Being as popular as it is, it comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. The very fact that almost everybody uses it, makes it more prone to vulnerabilities. WordPress developers are doing a great job of fixing and patching the framework as new flaws are […]

Use Compressor.io Compress & Optimize Images Up to 90%

Ther is new tools spring up all the time and Compressor is one of the best image optimization tips for web designers. It’s a free web app that can take any number of images (under 10MB) and optimize their file size without quality loss. Typically, when exporting images in Photoshop you’ll notice artifacts if you […]

Add-Ons Are Coming to Gmail in 2017

Add-Ons Are Coming to Gmail in 2017

Gmail is about to get a lot more flexible as Google has announced that “Add-ons” will be rolled out to the email service by the end of the year. Currently available in the form of a developer preview, Google claims that these “Add-ons” will be built in App Scripts using a newly-designed “Card” system that […]

5 Tips to enhance Your WordPress Login Security

The site data is the most important thing in webmaster’s life , this post we will be looking at a few more tips to help you make your WordPress site harder to breach. 1. Bcrypt Password Hashing WordPress was started in 2003 when PHP and the Web in general were still in their early days. […]