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Linux security alert: Bug in sudo’s get_process_ttyname() [ CVE-2017-1000367 ]

There is a serious vulnerability in sudo command that grants root access to anyone with a shell account. It works on SELinux enabled systems such as CentOS/RHEL and others too. A local user with privileges to execute commands via sudo could use this flaw to escalate their privileges to root. Patch your system as soon […]

Computer Security 101: Pray for it and hope for the best

Please do give your best thoughts and prayers for the servers. Thank you 😉 Hoping nobody hacks your server (via twitter) You may like these articles: Interns are working hard to fix computer problems on National Cat Day Awesome Git Commands & Best Practices Cheat Sheet For Sysadmin and DevOPS Linux and Unix chown and […]

Linux and Unix chown and chmod command security problem illustrated

The chown command change file owner and group. The chmod command change file mode (bits) i.e. permission. A wrong permission can create problems on Linux or Unix-like system. It is clearly illustrated in this comic. chown and chmod Credit: turnoff.us You may like these articles: shadowsocks 500 error (sloved) Get your free OneDrive into cloud […]

Why is VPS better than shared hosting

Why is VPS better than shared hosting

For those who are having their businesses highly dependent on websites would know the wide array of web hosting avenues they can venture, with an attractive set of packages weighing the cost and storage resources. Most basic needs are fulfilled by shared hosting solutions, which come at a cheaper price compared to others like Virtual Private Storage (VPS) and dedicated hosting. Having said that, you would also appreciate the fact that someday soon, your business is going to grow big and reach out to many more customers. With great business, comes greater data. And you would need more than a shared hosting to store and manage all of that.

5 Tips to enhance Your WordPress Login Security

The site data is the most important thing in webmaster’s life , this post we will be looking at a few more tips to help you make your WordPress site harder to breach. 1. Bcrypt Password Hashing WordPress was started in 2003 when PHP and the Web in general were still in their early days. […]