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Securing an OrientDB database on your Ubuntu server

OrientDB is an open source data management system which operates in Java. It is also what is known as a multi-model database, meaning that it supports all kinds of models, from graph and document to key/value and object models. Users opt for this Java application not just because it is easy to use but also […]

A Cool Script To Backup Your MySQL / MariaDB Databases Using FTP

In this script an automatic FTP backup will pickup up your sql.tar.gz and upload the file to a remote FTP server running CentOS. So, you may wonder how all this works and how to automate entire procedure to be able to upload file /tmp/backup/sql.tar.gz?In the most simple scenario you can use a standard FTP client to transfer […]

Create a new MySQL user and Grant Permissions to MySQL Database

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a new user and grant permissions to that user in MySQL. MySQL is an open source relational database managed system(RDBMS) that enables users and applications to store, organize, and retrieve their data. It has an access control system that consists of permissions that the users can […]

[Tutorial] Set Up Database Replication In MySQL

This tutorial describes how to set up database replication in MySQL. MySQL replication allows you to have an exact copy of a database from a master server on another server (slave), and all updates to the database on the master server are immediately replicated to the database on the slave server so that both databases are in sync. This is not a backup policy because an accidentally issued DELETE command will also be carried out on the slave; but replication can help protect against hardware failures though.

Install OwnCloud 8 with Nginx and MariaDB on CentOS 7

These are the steps that we will do in this tutorial:To disable SELinux , edit the file /etc/sysconfig/selinux , and change enforced to disabled .

How to install Composer on Debian / Ubuntu Linux

When you try to update mediawiki to v1.26.0 using the following command:
[[email protected]:~/wiki]$ php update.php
You will will get the following error:

copy database files directly to backup and restore mysql data

Objective: to transfer the mysql library from A to B. 1, stop the MySQL service first, find out my.ini file and open it in the mashine A MySQL installation directory, find out dataDir in this file, copy ibdata1 and all files and all folder to the d:\mysql_data folder in the B machine except log file,(do […]