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Lmao: Command Line Russian Roulette For Linux and Unix Users

Russian Roulette is a fatal game of chance in which a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against their head, and pulls the trigger. Command line Russian Roulette for Linux and Unix system Of course, you can play such game on your Linux or Unix server too […]

Linux and Unix chown and chmod command security problem illustrated

The chown command change file owner and group. The chmod command change file mode (bits) i.e. permission. A wrong permission can create problems on Linux or Unix-like system. It is clearly illustrated in this comic. chown and chmod Credit: turnoff.us You may like these articles: shadowsocks 500 error (sloved) How to Install Jupyter on an […]

20 Unix Command Line Tricks – Part I

20 Unix Command Line Tricks – Part I

Let us start new year with these Unix command line tricks to increase productivity at the Terminal. I have found them over the years, and I am now going to share with you. Deleting a HUGE file I had a huge log file 200GB I need to delete on a production web server. My rm […]

Basic screen command usage and examples

Screen is a very useful command that offers the ability to use multiple shell windows (sessions) from a single SSH session. When the session is detached or there is a network disruption, the process that is started in a screen session will still run and you can re-attach to the screen session at any time. […]