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US/UK/Singapore Windows VPS Pure SSD fr $7.95/m SPECIAL 50% Off + DOUBLE Ram

Complete Hosting Solutions at PremiumReseller.Com they said : PremiumReseller provides reliable web hosting service at affordable price since 2005. We offer Windows VPS hosting using Microsoft Hyper-V technolgy which provides true Hardware Virtualization and High level of Isolation from other virtual machines on the physical server. With Hyper-V technology, each virtual private server is […]

Onekey installation VPN (PPTPD) installation package

VPN (PPTPD) installation package, support Centos6 and Centos7. support Openvz and KVM The installation of VPN (PPTPD) package really support the full range of Centos, including Centos5, Centos6 and Centos7. are either OpenVZ or kvm. Before the installation of pptpd is very painful, different methods of OpenVZ and KVM, centos6 and centos7 are different.So this […]

Get your free OneDrive into cloud storage services

Get your free OneDrive into cloud storage services demo: github: readme: Onedrive_share Use Onedrive as a storage carrier personal share of SkyDrive Basic configuration Installation foundation Onedrive installation: Allows you to perform onedrive in other users [this is more brutal] $Chmod -R 777 /usr/local/etc/OneDrive/Business/ PHP>5.3 PHP<7 File configuration Define (‘SIZE’, 1000000); / / the […]

Sentris-large reseller VPS / $ 501 per year / 250IPv4 / 16g memory / 1.25T hard drive / Seattle

Sentris since the out of 3 years 5 dollars after the big news such as VPS in today and get out of a big news: VPS reseller, are paid, at least 50 independent IPv4, Seattle room, sentris reseller allowed to allocate resources The First sent sent a discount of 8.5% discount code, only to pay, […]

In depth understanding of PHP Opcode cache principle

  What is the opcode cache? When the interpreter to complete the analysis of script code, will they generate intermediate code can be run directly, also known as the operation code (Operate Code, opcode). Opcode cache aims to avoid duplication of compilation, reduce the cost of CPU and memory. If the performance bottleneck of dynamic […]

copy database files directly to backup and restore mysql data

Objective: to transfer the mysql library from A to B. 1, stop the MySQL service first, find out my.ini file and open it in the mashine A MySQL installation directory, find out dataDir in this file, copy ibdata1 and all files and all folder to the d:\mysql_data folder in the B machine except log file,(do […]

why website not perform as well in Google results

i foud one of my website not perform in google results today, it’s just ok yestoday. so i login google webmaster , google send me email, google Search Console Sneaky mobile redirects detected on To: Webmaster of, Google has detected sneaky redirects for mobile users on your site. This means that mobile users […]

Woothosting-$24/year Buy One, Get One Free! 2G memory /30g hard disk /2T traffic / LA /

Woothosting official wrote was established in 2007 (domain name registration in 2006), the boss Jason Chung, may be a Chinese? Said VPS: machine support in Phoenix ( room), VPS based on OpenVZ, 100M port, the current Christmas promotion, buy a send one, only 2G memory this… Network testing: 2016 Christmas SPECIAL – BOGO 2048MB […]