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How to Install GitScrum on Ubuntu 16.04

How to Install GitScrum on Ubuntu 16.04

GitScrum is an open source task management application that uses Git and the Scrum methodology. It has a lot of useful features like Product Backlog, user Story, Sprint Backlog, Issues and more. It is fairly easy to install GitScrum on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. The installation process should take about 5-10 minutes if you follow […]


在接下来的两周内,谷歌将把谷歌云端硬盘(google drive)下线.用来代替它的,google将推出一种全新的系统备份和同步(Backup and Sync cilent),而且,依此看来新的服务将大大优于现在云端硬盘. 新的服务将于六月二十八日首次亮相,谷歌将备份和同步客户端(Backup and Sync cilent)适用于PC和Mac. 这不仅仅意味着新的服务将代替谷歌云端硬盘(google drive),与此同时它也将取代Google Photos Backup app(照片备份应用程序) 简而言之,Backup and Sync cilent(备份和同步客户端)将为您提供一站式管理文档和照片的服务. You may like these articles: 关于 Google’s Backup & Sync(谷歌备份与同步) 你需要了解的 why website not perform as well in Google results Add-Ons Are Coming to Gmail in 2017 Test Website’s Mobile Friendliness with Google my site Tool Firefox […]

Secure your SSH using two-factor authentication on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will describe the necessary steps to configure two-factor authentication (2FA) using Google authenticator on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. This application includes implementations of one-time passcode generators for several mobile platforms. This method adds another layer of protection to your server adding an extra step to the basic login procedure. Login to […]

How to Choose the Best One for Your Website AND 5 Great Hosting Services Listing

Selecting a web hosting service is all too often done in a matter-of-fact way, where pricing is often the driving factor. People pay little attention to the hosting service’s performance. This can affect the speed and data handling capacity of the website itself. Most business owners recognize the value of quality content, which is a […]

Firefox 54很可能是Mozilla的最好的浏览器

有一段时间Mozilla的火狐浏览器是作为对于那些拒绝使用Internet Explorer浏览器的选择,可是不幸的是,Mozilla浏览器遇到了google,自2011年起,firefox顶多只能做个浏览器中的老二. 现在看来,Mozilla似乎又在向google寻求挑战了,想要夺回浏览器的宝座,firefox54的发布就是mozilla做出的具体行动.在我看来,Firefox的新版本将是Mozilla出的最好一个版本之一。 此版本的重点,Firefox 54的优势在于它的速度.在经过了多年的依靠单一进程运行所有的标签在一个单一的浏览器,Mozilla已经最后决定采用“多进程”技术的浏览器,如同Chrome,Safari的edage,和许多浏览器一样. 运行速度快,不崩溃 You may like these articles: 谷歌将用更好的服务取代谷歌云端硬盘 关于 Google’s Backup & Sync(谷歌备份与同步) 你需要了解的 why website not perform as well in Google results How to Force Apache To Show a HTTP-410 Gone Status Code How to use curl command with http/2 on MacOS X Add-Ons Are Coming to Gmail in 2017 […]

How to Fix ‘The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini’ in WordPress

Installing WordPress is a fairly easy task and it only takes a few minutes. After installing WordPress, you may want to change the default theme and install a new one, install some WordPress plugins, create new posts and upload image files etc. When installing a WordPress theme, plugin or uploading an image using the WordPress […]

Kimsufi Special Dedicated Promotion – KS-2E  only 6.99 EUR/month /AtomN2800 /4GB/1x2To SATA

Kimsufi has flash sale, dedicated servers KS-2E. If someone looks for good deal. Dedi Specifications Intel Atom™ N2800 2c/4t @ 1.86 GHz+ 4GB DDR3 ECC 1x2To SATA Hard disk 6.99€ without vat, 9.99€ setup fee one time. You can exempt VAT if you are outside of EU. Order Here About Kimsufi To guarantee the best […]

How to Set Up a TeamSpeak Server on Ubuntu 16.04

TeamSpeak is a free and very popular voice communications application for real-time voice chat over the internet. TeamSpeak uses a very low amount of bandwidth and it is mostly used by gamers that are chatting with each other while playing a game, to avoid latency issues. All users need a client installed on their devices […]