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Accessing Internet from cloud VM when you have only private network enabled

We have a couple of virtual servers hosted with Softlayer for processing data and backup purpose. The public interface is completely turned off i.e. no Internet access. We can only access VMs using a VPN. It resulted in decreased costs and many security problems for backend servers. However, when you order “Private Network Only” cloud […]

File permissions: Linux or Unix users will understand this

Lmao. (Click to enlarge) Credit: A Comic About Guardians Of The Galaxy You may like these articles: You may like these articles:

Accidentally overwrote a binary file on Linux? Here is how to restore it

A shell script went wild due to some bug, and the script overwrote a binary file /bin/ping. Here is how tor restores it. /bin/ping erased (Credit: There are two ways to solve this problem. Easy way: copy it from another server Just scp file from another box running the same version of your Linux […]

Humor: Binary Search Trees

Humor: Binary Search Trees

Daughter: Dad, you know Binary Search Trees? Dad: Say no more. Binary Search Trees (Pic credit) Dad: *later* Now watch as I delete and re-balance! Daughter: DAD, NOOOOO! There is always xkcd for everything, so here is the one: Xkcd – Binary trees You may like these articles: Top 8 Tools To Search Memory Under […]

You can now live patch Ubuntu Linux Kernel without rebooting the box

Kernel live patching enables runtime correction of critical security issues in running kernel without rebooting. Try new service from Canonical the company behind Ubuntu Linux operating system. It uses upstream Linux kernel 4.x kpatch technology. This guide explains how to enable or patch your Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS server without rebooting the box. Read more… […]

Fixing WordPress: ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute’ error

So I ran into this problem. No matter what I did my WordPress installation displayed a stupid error that read as follows: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. Fig.01: How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress Here is how to fix this problem with WP. What is […]

7 Awesome Open Source Build Automation Tools For Sysadmin/DevOps/Developers

Build automation is a vital tool for devops, sysadmins, and developers. It is nothing but scripting or automating the process of compiling source code into binary. Sysadmins can use build tools to manage and update config files. Following is a list of awesome open source and popular tools associated with automating build processes on Linux […]

Disabling Google Chrome PDF viewer

Disabling Google Chrome PDF viewer

Google Chrome has “Chrome PDF Viewer” to view or open pdf files. It is an unwanted feature. I do not need it at all. I want my PDF open in Preview on a MacOS X or default pdf viewer in Linux. This feature was hidden. I want to disable it from my Google Chrome browser […]