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How do I learn coding in a single night?

How do I learn coding in a single night?

Here is another funny image: How do I learn coding in a single night? What do you think? You may like these articles: Get your free OneDrive into cloud storage services How to install Composer on Debian / Ubuntu Linux Install OwnCloud 8 with Nginx and MariaDB on CentOS 7 How to Speed up Odoo […]

Truth. Hence nixCraft tutorial are much better 😉 You may like these articles: Top 8 Tools To Search Memory Under Linux / Unix [ Forensics Analysis ] Linux Tutorial: Install Ansible Configuration Management And IT Automation Tool 8 Tips to Solve Linux & Unix Systems Hard Disk Problems: Like Disk Full Or Can’t Write to […]

How To Use Vagrant To Create Small Virtual Test Lab on a Linux / OS X / MS-Windows

Vagrant is a multi-platform command line tool for creating lightweight, reproducible and portable virtual environments. Vagrant acts as a glue layer between different virtualization solutions (Software, hardware PaaS and IaaS) and different configuration management utilities (Puppet, Chef, etc’). Vagrant was started back at 2010 by Mitchell Hashimoto as a side project and later became one […]

Linux security alert: Bug in sudo’s get_process_ttyname() [ CVE-2017-1000367 ]

There is a serious vulnerability in sudo command that grants root access to anyone with a shell account. It works on SELinux enabled systems such as CentOS/RHEL and others too. A local user with privileges to execute commands via sudo could use this flaw to escalate their privileges to root. Patch your system as soon […]

Rollback an apt-get upgrade if something goes wrong on Debian / Ubuntu Linux

Rolling back to the previous version may solve the problem or free the disk space. Both CentOS/RHEL support rollback feature, but I learned hard way both Debian and Ubuntu does not support rollback feature yet. Know the problem before choosing the solution I remotely administer a Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS server in one of those dirt […]

Accessing Internet from cloud VM when you have only private network enabled

We have a couple of virtual servers hosted with Softlayer for processing data and backup purpose. The public interface is completely turned off i.e. no Internet access. We can only access VMs using a VPN. It resulted in decreased costs and many security problems for backend servers. However, when you order “Private Network Only” cloud […]

File permissions: Linux or Unix users will understand this

Lmao. (Click to enlarge) Credit: A Comic About Guardians Of The Galaxy You may like these articles: shadowsocks 500 error (sloved) Onekey installation VPN (PPTPD) installation package How to Force Apache To Show a HTTP-410 Gone Status Code configure: error: no acceptable C nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address already in use) How […]