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Use Compress & Optimize Images Up to 90%

Ther is new tools spring up all the time and Compressor is one of the best image optimization tips for web designers. It’s a free web app that can take any number of images (under 10MB) and optimize their file size without quality loss. Typically, when exporting images in Photoshop you’ll notice artifacts if you […]

Onekey installation VPN (PPTPD) installation package

VPN (PPTPD) installation package, support Centos6 and Centos7. support Openvz and KVM The installation of VPN (PPTPD) package really support the full range of Centos, including Centos5, Centos6 and Centos7. are either OpenVZ or kvm. Before the installation of pptpd is very painful, different methods of OpenVZ and KVM, centos6 and centos7 are different.So this […]

Shadowsocks Oenkey Installation Script (four in one)

Oenkey Installation Script: shadowsock BY:TEDDYSUN Shadowsocks Oenkey Installation Script (four in one) This script application environment System support: CentOS 6+, Debian 7+, Ubuntu 12+ Memory requirements: more than 128M Date: 2017 02, 24 about this script A key to install Shadowsocks-Python, ShadowsocksR, Shadowsocks-Go, Shadowsocks-libev Version (four election) server;; Each version of the startup script and […]