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#tips# Keep Your Bitcoins more Safe

One of the biggest digital assets, Bitcoin, has its own list of stories of thefts and breaches. With its value shooting up to $2900+ this year, it’s very obvious why everyone including cyber criminals show interest in Bitcoin. Either by asking BTCs in ransomware attacks or looting your wallets, hackers try their very best to get bitcoins. For example, last […]

#How to# Find your Wifi password in Macos

We had talk about How to Find your WiFi password in Windows before , so we talk about How to Find your Wifi password in Macos now.   In MacOS, it’s rather easy to view all the saved WiFi passwords. However, you need to make sure you login with an administrator account and know the […]

#How to# Find your WiFi password in Windows

If you come across a situation when you want to share your WiFi with a guest but you’ve forgotten the password and it’s only saved on your computer ? or perhaps you’ve got a new device and want to connect it to all the WiFi networks that are saved on your computer. In both scenarios, […]

notepad ++ Regular expressions batch editing MYsql

today i want to delete <a href=””> in mysql data, but it’s too many data to fix it with my hands, so i use notepad ++ and Regular expressions to replace it all , as a mark Notepad++ regular expression syntax \ Escape character Such as: to use “\” itself, you should use “\ \” \t The Tab […]

[Toolkit]Use to Run and Share Snippets

There are dozens of browser-based IDEs but most of them focus on frontend languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. is a new contender, focusing on dozens of programming languages that usually require runtime software. These languages go far beyond the web, including C#, Java, Swift, Haskell and a whole lot more. Glot is a coder’s […]

How to Choose the Best One for Your Website AND 5 Great Hosting Services Listing

Selecting a web hosting service is all too often done in a matter-of-fact way, where pricing is often the driving factor. People pay little attention to the hosting service’s performance. This can affect the speed and data handling capacity of the website itself. Most business owners recognize the value of quality content, which is a […]

Build a GitHub-Hosted Blog with Jekyll Now For Free

what is jekyll, Jekyll is a platform used for static websites that just want to publish content quickly. The biggest issue with Jekyll is the reliance on command line methods. If you’re not CLI-friendly then you’ll never bother to touch Jekyll. it’s really a good news, you can get an easy intro with Jekyll Now, […]

Use Compress & Optimize Images Up to 90%

Ther is new tools spring up all the time and Compressor is one of the best image optimization tips for web designers. It’s a free web app that can take any number of images (under 10MB) and optimize their file size without quality loss. Typically, when exporting images in Photoshop you’ll notice artifacts if you […]