System76 brings 4K display Ubuntu Linux laptop for Pro users

System76 brings 4K display Ubuntu Linux laptop for Pro users

Finally, some good news for Apple fans who crashed System76 website a few days back. Apple makes a good laptop. However, they lack the option to add additional RAM or ports or graphics card. The new System76 Oryx laptop has a 4K HiDPI display. If you are a sysadmin, DevOps, or developer, give it a try to System76.


  1. Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS (64-bit) or Ubuntu 16.10 (64-bit)
  2. CPU: 6th Gen Intel Core i7 – 2.6 up to 3.6 GHz Quad-Core
  3. Display: 15.6″ or 17.3″ 1920×1080 matte, IPS option available. 15.6″ 3840×2160 4K HiDPI option available.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or 1070
  5. RAM: Up to 64 GB dual-channel DDR4 @ 2400 MHz
  6. Storage: M.2 SSD and SATA. Total up to 5 TB.
  7. Ports: 2× USB 3.1 Type-C, 3× USB 3.0 Type-A, SD Card Reader
  8. Input: Multitouch Touchpad, Multi-Color Backlit Keyboard
  9. Networking: Gigabit Ethernet, Intel Wireless-AC WiFi
  10. Video Ports: 1× HDMI, 2× Mini DisplayPort
  11. Audio: Stereo Speakers, Stereo Mic, Headphone Jack, Mic Jack, S/PDIF
  12. Camera: 1080p HD Webcam
  13. Battery: Li-Polymer – 60 Wh

You can remove Ubuntu and install other Linux distros such as Fedora or Arch or Debian Linux. I suggest you stick with a cutting-edge distro with the latest kernel for better support.

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Is HiDPI supported by all apps on Linux?

HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) displays, also known by Apple’s “Retina Display” marketing name, are screens with a high resolution in a relatively small format. They are mostly found in high-end laptops and monitors. Not all software behaves well in high-resolution mode yet. Here are listed most common tweaks which make work on a HiDPI screen more pleasant.

Where can I get it?

You can order it online at the following location:


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