Unixstickers Review: Add Beautiful Linux/FreeBSD Stickers To Your Laptop

Unixstickers Review: Add Beautiful Linux/FreeBSD Stickers To Your Laptop

The Linux-powered device is beautiful on its own but with billions of Linux-powered devices out there it is not particularly unique. You can add stickers to your Linux powered desktop, router, and Laptop to stand out from the crowd with stickers and more. In this post I will be quickly reviewing Unixstickers.com, they claim to be the largest store for high quality and finely printed stickers, t-shirts, mugs, posters and pins on Unix, Linux, programming and software.

I recently received a couple of stickers and the Linux t-shirts pack from Unixstickers. Shipping was fast. The stickers are of excellent quality. My pack included:

Swag from Unixstickers

My stickers collections includes the Tux logo, Debian logo, Linux mint logo, Python logo, GNU logo and much more:

Stickers collections to my laptop

My netbook piped with the Tux, GNU and Python logo:

My Fedora Linux lenovo laptop with stickers

You can order the stickers (Linux, FreeBSD, and more), t-shirts and hoodies, mugs, pins, and programming (editor and languages) related stuff from Unixstickers.com. I revived my package via UPS in three days all the way from Italy. They ship all products worldwide. The stickers are the great way to promote your favorite distro. Try them out for yourself to show your support for Linux and open source software.


  • Store url: Unixstickers
  • Products: Various
  • Targets: Linux, Unix users and sysadmins/programmers.
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Pros: Good quality stickers and t-shirts.
  • Cons: NA.
  • Disclaimer: Unixstickers.com sent us a review swag.


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