A few tips on preparing a website for growth

A few tips on preparing a website for growth

It’s wonderful thing to be able to transform your business vision into reality and actually profit from it. Yet this sort of achievement is only reached through huge amounts of work. Any respectable business nowadays is only complete once it has built a strong online presence.

A website represents your business’ unique identify and helps it stand out from others in the same branch. It also proves that you intend to keep up with the times and address a large audience, most of whom spends an increasing amount of time in the online space.

As you’re building this identity, you will enlist the services of different professionals and companies to help you set up different aspects of your website: programmers, web designers, hosting companies and so on. Once you get it up and running, it might seem that the hardest part is over. Yet that is just a common misconception.

And your business starts taking off, you might notice that the traffic on your website increases. Depending on the type of business it’s meant for, you might decide to add more pages to your website so that your clients can learn more about the products or services you are selling and have the opportunity, for instance, to leave some feedback about their experience with your business.

When you’re preparing your website to deal with growth, you might consider opting for cloud hosting. That is because cloud hosting is your best bet in terms of scalability. It offers you the opportunity to adjust your resources as your business expands and you don’t have to pay for more than you’re using.

If the thought of updating too many pages on a regular basis is overwhelming, then you might consider placing some common design elements in a central location, by using, for instance Server Side Includes (SSI). Alternatively, you could use a web editor that automatically updates all your pages whenever you modify certain elements, for instance Microsoft Expression Web.

In any case, when it comes to a business website with great potential, you must always plan ahead, when your site is young and not yet popular. It is essential that you opt for a hosting plan that ensures reliability, promises maximum uptime and a high level of security. This way, a sudden growth in popularity and sales won’t take you by surprise, and your website will be, at any moment, ready to deal with change and expansion.


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