Month: October 2017

Linux Server See the Historical and Statistical Uptime of System With tuptime Utility

You can use the following tools to see how long system has been running on a Linux or Unix-like system: uptime : Tell how long the server has been running. lastt : Show the reboot and shutdown time. tuptime : Report the historical and statistical running time of system, keeping it between restarts. Like uptime […]

Linux and Unix chown and chmod command security problem illustrated

The chown command change file owner and group. The chmod command change file mode (bits) i.e. permission. A wrong permission can create problems on Linux or Unix-like system. It is clearly illustrated in this comic. chown and chmod Credit: You may like these articles: Linux and Unix nload App: Monitor Network Traffic and Bandwidth […]

How to enable Wake on Lan (WOL) with Advanced TomatoUSB wifi router firmware

I recently installed TomatoUSB advanced firmware on my Asus RT-AC66U wifi router. This router act as my wireless Ethernet bridge. TomatoUSB advanced has additional features like SSH Multiple WAN support (3G/4G/Static IP/Cable/ADSL2) Tor Virtual Wireless DMZ IPv6 FTP/Media server via USB BiTorrent Client via USB UPS support OpenVPN client and server Tinc VPN server and […]

vim-plug: A beautiful and minimalist vim plugin manager for Unix and Linux users

A vim plugin manager is a must for any die-hard vim user. You can find a few option available out there. My personal favorite is vim-plug which is a beautiful and minimalist plugin for vim. Let us see how to install and use this plugin on Linux or Unix-like system. Installation Naturally, you must have […]

#Promo code#VMBox.Co – 50GB/2GB/2TB/1IPv4/OVZ only $20/year with FREE Wildcard SSL Carts

VMBox was launched in 2011. The staff behind VMBox have been in the hosting industry for over 10 years. By combining their experience and knowledge they have aquired over the past years, VMBox is rapidly growing to be one of the top VPS providers in the industry. The VMBox network operates out of datacenters in […]

Valve SteamOS: A Linux-based Gaming Operating System Announced

The year of Linux on the desktop or living room is here. Today Valve software announced SteamOS, a free Linux-based gaming operating system designed for the TV, DIY enthusiast and the living room. From the announcement page: As we’ve been working on bringing Steam to the living room, we’ve come to the conclusion that the […]

#Pooled Resource Servers#$  with 1.5 GB RAM and 2 IP Addresses from 4.39/m – DDoS Protection

YourLastHost is a registered company in Wyoming (filing ID #2016-00070935), their WHOIS is public, and their ToS is here  and AUP here. They accept PayPal and Bitcoin as payment. Short Bio: YourLastHost was founded March 2016 and is focused on providing high quality solutions in a low end market. We are particularly proud to offer a combination of powerful features that […] – Dedicated Promo up to 64GB RAM only $40/month

HostSolutions – They will start offer a limited quantity of budget dedi (limited to the first 30 orders) Dedicated Servers promo – Plan 1 – Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU 4×2,13GHz L5630 1×146 GB HDD SAS 10k rpm 100 Mbps Port 1 Dedicated IP 4 GB ECC RAM Full Root Access Multiple 32/64 bit OS […]