Month: September 2017

A haiku about DNS

A haiku about DNS

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Here is a haiku (a Japanese poem) about DNS (“domain name system”): It’s not DNS There is a no way it’s DNS It was DNS Here is a postcard for your sysadmin friend whenever there is a DNS issue: dns haiku You may like these articles: I am not kidding but some times I dream […]

Linux and Unix nload App: Monitor Network Traffic and Bandwidth Usage In Real Time

If you want to monitor network throughput on the command line interface, use nload application. It is a console application which monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time. It visualizes the in and outgoing traffic using two graphs and provides additional info like total amount of transferred data and min/max network usage. You […]

Yearly ads statistics for nixCraft

Stats are here: Year % of Ad block user 2014 35% 2015 51% 2016 55% 2017 76% Running a site like takes lots of time and I am unable to cover my costs. If you find nixCraft useful please support nixCraft: (PayPal and Bitcoins based donations are also accepted) Thanks! You may like […]

Well, that was fast. Touch ID is a fingerprint recognition security feature, designed and released by Apple. It is currently available on the iPhone 5s/6/7 and Macbook pro-2016 editions. Many consider it as a huge security win for the MacBook Pro’s. This sounds amazing feature for command line users. Say hello to sudo-touchid sudo-touchid is […]

Book Review: FreeBSD Mastery – ZFS

Book Review: FreeBSD Mastery – ZFS

Once again a great FreeBSD book to read. I was anxious to read this after reading FreeBSD Mastery- Storage Essentials 2014. I read where he was writing a ZFS book, but didn’t know it was out until I was asked to review it. I loved the introduction, being into hardware and history, it was such […]

How to order a MacBook Pro with Touch ID and 32 GB of RAM

Problem? Here is how you can order a MacBook Pro 2016 edition with 32 GB RAM 😉 You may like these articles: Touch ID Support for sudo in MacOS Terminal for MacBook Pro Set up a mail server with PostfixAdmin and MariaDB on CentOS 7 How to Install and Configure Odoo with mod_wsgi Display Awesome […]

ttyload: Color-coded graphical tracking tool for UNIX/Linux load average in a terminal

Ttyload an impressive color-coded graphical tracking of UNIX load average in a terminal. It work easily on most POSIX/Unix based systems including: – Linux – IRIX – Solaris – FreeBSD – MacOS X (Darwin) – Isilon OneFS Installation You can install ttyload as per your Linux distor. Install ttyload on Debian/Ubuntu Linux Type the following […]

How to change default shell in Linux

Want to change the default shell in Linux/Unix/MacOS? Try: chsh -s /path/to/shell user For example, set the shell to /usr/local/bin/zsh for user tom, enter: which zsh chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh tom For more information see Howto: Changing Linux Login Shell You may like these articles: A Shell Primer: Master Your Linux, OS X, Unix Shell Environment […]