Month: March 2017

configure: error: no acceptable C

configure: error: no acceptable C

when i update python2.6.6 to 2.7.6, it was error configure: error: in `/root/Python-2.7.6′: configure: error: no acceptable C The investigation , the reason for the lack of GCC server editor yum install gcc You may like these articles: Install OwnCloud 8 with Nginx and MariaDB on CentOS 7 Why is VPS better than shared hosting […]

How To SSH Run Multiple Command On Remote Machine And Exit Safely

ssh [email protected] “sync; sync; /sbin/shutdown -h now”How do I run multiple commands in bash on a remote Unix or Linux server? What is the best way to SSH in and run various unix commands in a bash shell?

There are various ways to run multiple commands on a remote Unix server. The syntax is as follows:

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Hostsolutions, a good host provider, mainly to provide Romania VPS and independent server, the VPS does not limit the copyright, can be placed windows, film and other resources, and the speed can also be. Not allowed to transfer. Now launched several special offer packages, the price is quite high. I have a 4G/400G/10T OVZ VPS, […]

some pages of my website ( in the past which found on

ARCHIVE.ORG This site gives information about using the Wayback Machine to cite archived copies of web pages used by articles. This is useful if a web page has changed, moved, or disappeared; links to the original content can be retained. I found some pages of my website ( in 2008-2011. You may like these articles: […]

5 Tips to enhance Your WordPress Login Security

The site data is the most important thing in webmaster’s life , this post we will be looking at a few more tips to help you make your WordPress site harder to breach. 1. Bcrypt Password Hashing WordPress was started in 2003 when PHP and the Web in general were still in their early days. […]

Offshoreracks- Panama VPS No DCMA copyright, 100% really ignore copyright

Offshoreracks Founded in 2002, registered in Panama, with independent Panama room From the beginning of 2005. Offshoreracks Focus on the offshore offshore host, which is what we say that no copyright host can avoid the risk of copyright; the current flagship Panama copyright free host And Holland copyright free host, especially with Panama copyright free […]

How to Force Apache To Show a HTTP-410 Gone Status Code

The simplest configuration is to add the following line in .htaccess file using mod_alias Redirect directive. Cd to your DocumentRoot such as /var/www/html/:
$ cd /var/www/html/
$ vi .htaccess
Append the following line:
Redirect gone /foo/file.html
Redirect 410 /foo/bar/demo.php
You can also use of regular expressions using RedirectMatch directive as follows:

How to install Composer on Debian / Ubuntu Linux

When you try to update mediawiki to v1.26.0 using the following command:
[[email protected]:~/wiki]$ php update.php
You will will get the following error: